August 18, 2022

Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall Review

Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall

The Milwaukee 6519-31 Sawzall is the latest corded version in Milwaukee’s fantastic range of Sawzall reciprocating saws. Milwaukee invented the reciprocating saw back in 1951 and have dominated the market ever since. When it comes to all out demolition capability, nothing comes close to a reciprocating saw, and the fact that you can buy the Sawzall market-leading reciprocating saw for under $100 is pretty amazing.

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Milwaukee 2691-22 Cordless Drill Driver Combo Review

Milwaukee 2691-22 cordless drill driver combo

The Milwaukee 2691-22 18-Volt Drill/Impact Driver Combo gives you two tools for not much more than the cost of one. Both tools use Milwaukee’s 4-pole frameless motor which gives approx 20% more power than a 2-pole motor, and there’s a battery charge indicator on the batteries, which is very important with lithium-ion batteries as they have full power right up to the end.

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Dewalt DCD760KL Cordless Drill Review

DEWALT DCD760KL Cordless Drill

The DEWALT DCD760KL 1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Drill/Driver is an extremely compact, lightweight drill/driver which gives you the benefit of a very powerful 18 volt motor in a small, easy to use package. This reduces user fatigue and means you can use it all day long, and the lightweight compact design also makes drilling overhead or in inaccessible places a lot easier. The lightweight lithium-ion batteries go on forever.

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Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse Review

The Rockwell RK9000 Jawhorse is an amazing combination of vise and sawhorse. Rockwell describe it as the ultimate job site workshop, but what it is in reality is like having a second pair of hands. It’s impossible to list all of the things that you can use the Jawhorse for – it can replace your workbenches, sawhorses, clamps and bench vises, and allows you to do jobs single-handedly that you used to need two people to do.

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Bosch PS30-2A Cordless Drill Review

Bosch PS30-2A cordless drill

The Bosch PS30-2A Cordless Drill/Driver is a compact 12-Volt 3/4-inch Drill/Driver. Good for normal household use as it has plenty of power for most tasks, but is smaller and more lightweight making it much more comfortable to use than heavier models, we also found that the PS30-2A is also used by a lot of contractors and professionals who like the mix of the power for 90% of jobs plus the compact, lightweight design.

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