January 31, 2023

Porter Cable PC250MTK Review

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Porter-Cable PC250MTK oscillating multi tool
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The Porter Cable PC250MTK is  Porter Cable’s entry into the oscillating multi-tool market, priced extremely competitively to appeal to users who want a top quality oscillating multi-tool without the cost of either the Fein Multimaster which costs another $200 or the Bosch MX25EK-33 which is $70 more.

No doubt due in part to the amazing value for money, the Porter Cable PC250MTK is the best selling oscillating multi tool on Amazon – and that means a lot of people have voted with their wallet.

Like all the other oscillating multi tools, the Porter Cable PC250MTK is a tough, versatile, reliable, powerful and accurate tool, designed for a wide range of applications and materials, including flush-cutting, plunge cutting, sanding, grinding, grout removal and scraping. It’s not a question of “Do you need one of these tools?”, it’s just a matter of choosing which one. Once you start using one of these tools you really will wonder how you lived without it and will find yourself using it more and more.

Tough, Versatile, Reliable, Powerful, Accurate
Porter Cable make two oscillating tools – the corded Porter Cable PC250MTK and a cordless version, the Porter-Cable PCL120MTC-2. In this review we’re looking at the corded version, the PC250MTK and we’ll look at a number of the features that make this such an incredible, versatile tool.

Making difficult jobs easy
The reason muti-tools are so popular is because they make difficult jobs easy. Difficult jobs that previously had to be done by hand can now be done much more efficiently and with less effort. Its small size means that you can work in tight spaces and the lightweight, ergonomic design with soft grip handle lets you work longer and in comfort. Your knuckles and finger tips will definitely thank you!

Tool Free Accessory Changes
The main improvement that Porter Cable have brought to the oscillating muti tool market is the introduction of their Tool Free accesssry changing system. Porter Cable’s press release described it as follows:

Porter-Cable PC250MTK tool free system

“The units incorporate contractor-driven innovation such as the patent-pending, Tool Free System accessory change, which gives professionals the ability to quickly and efficiently change the tools’ accessories without bolts, washers, and wrenches. By simply pressing a lever, contractors can change the accessories or adjust the accessory angle. A release of the lever ensures the accessories easily click into place, ready for the application at hand, without the need for separate bolts, washers and wrenches.”

In non-marketing speak, squeeze the lever and click the accessories in and out. Job done.

Unfortunately at this time you can only use this tool free system with Porter Cable’s own range of accessories due to the open ended design of the accessories. As we said in our Bosch MX25EK-33 review, Bosch are hoping that their OIS system will become the universal standard, just as with the SDS system which they made popular and is now the standard. Bosch, Skil and Milwaukee are already OIS direct fit tools, and their is a rumour that Porter Cable have a universal adapter in the pipeline.

The Benefits of Oscillation
Back when Fein invented the first oscillating multi-tool it was a new concept, but now their benefits are widely recognized. Oscillating tools have a number of advantages over rotating or reciprocating tools. Some advantages of oscillation over rotating/reciprocating tools are:

  • Easier to handle
  • More precise
  • Safer
  • Cleaner – it doesn’t throw dust and debris all round the room, meaning a cleaner job and less clearing up afterwards

Porter Cable PC250MTK multi tool accessories

How much should you expect to pay?
While the capabilities of the Porter Cable PC250MTK are not up to the Fein Multimaster standard, the price certainly is not!

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What’s included?
The Porter Cable PC250MTK kit includes

  • PC250MT 2.5-amp oscillating multi-tool
  • 7 high-quality cutting blades
  • 28 sanding accessories
  • Carrying case.

What are other people saying?
This versatile tool has received excellent reviews – users are particularly impressed by its quality and versatility;

  • “One of the most useful tools that I have purchased”
  • “OMG…….. I finally got mine!”
  • “Every day I discover how a job can be made easier. All of my workers have purchased their own after using it”
  • “It has worked as well as the Fein for about 1/3 the price”
  • “I am a carpenter, and this is coming with me on every job site from now on! “

Any complaints?
There are pretty well no complaints about the tool itself, although some people have mentioned that the Velcro on the sanding pad has a tendency to melt. However, this occurs with all brands of oscillating tools (including Fein) and is not unique to the Porter Cacle and only occurs when people sand incorrectly.

The correct way to sand is to keep the sanding pad flush to the surface of the work and do not tip up onto the edges – if you tip, it will heat up and melt – keep it flush and it won’t. That’s all there is to it. Take a look at this video on correct sanding technique

Porter Cable PC250MTK multi tool accessory

What kind of warranty is there?
As with all Porter Cable tools, there’s an excellent warranty package – a three-year limited warranty, one-year service contract, and 90-day money-back guarantee

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