November 29, 2022

Correct Sanding Technique with an Oscillating Multi Tool

Stop velcro sanding pad melting

One problem that people sometimes suffer from when using an oscillating multi tool for sanding is that the Velcro on the sanding pad has a tendency to melt – in fact some users go so far as to write a negative review of the tool as a result because they believe that this is a fault with the tool. And that’s where they’re wrong – if the velcro on the sanding pad overheats and melts it’s because you’re not sanding properly. It’s a question of technique, not a problem with the tool.

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Bosch MX25EK-33 Review

The Bosch MX25EK-33 is a versatile oscillating multi-tool from Bosch, priced competitively to appeal to users who want a top quality oscillating multi-tool without the cost of the Fein Multimaster. The capabilities of the Bosch MX25EK-33 are pretty much up to the Fein Multimaster standard plus the Bosch MX25EK-33 offers the best performance/cost ratio of any of the multi-tools on the market.

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